Thursday, 21 July 2016

Off to the Secret Garden Party

Im so excited to be in the mystical garden once again! SGP is an arts and music festival which I would recommend to anyone because the work that goes behind it is amazing and the atmosphere is magic. It takes place in Cambridgeshire but this time my parents have kindly offered to drive me and my sister down (last year we took the Big Green Coach) and we're boutique camping so everything is a bit easier. I don't mind camping in tents but because the rain was so bad last time it made it muddy and awkward, i'd much rather be prepared for rain and stay in a lovely cosy bed. The theme this year is Gardeners Guide to The Galaxy so we've planned our space-y outfits and bought plenty of glitter... photos will most likely follow when we return!  🎉🎉🎉

Friday, 15 July 2016

Wishlist: Pretty homeware

1 Pink Table Lamp with Marble Base, Oliver Bonas 

2 Hand decorated jug, Katie Almond

4 Doftranka Rug, IKEA

5 Ceramic Cat Plate, Vicky Lindo

6 Dutronc Throw, Atelier Bingo X Slowdown Studio

7 Aperta Melamine Dinner Plate, Anthropologie

8 Holding Hands Cushion, Donna Wilson

9 Photo Frames, Oliver Bonas

As I've recently moved into a new house I'm reminded of the fact that nothing is in my budget and everything on my homeware wishlist is a distant dream. I thought I'd share some of the beautiful things I've been lusting after anyway as they do have gorgeous colours, inspiring prints and quirky illustrations I really love and thought you might like too! Oliver Bonas always pulls me in with their lovely pastel goodness and when I stepped into Anthropolgie in London I swear my heart stopped a little bit as their whole store is like a dream world.  I've also included a few unique pieces by artists and illustrators including a lovely throw by Atelier Bingo and some wonderful ceramics by British designers. 

One day they shall be mine but for now I'll leave them here to gaze at.  

Monday, 11 July 2016

Handmade screen printed circle skirt

A couple of weeks back I screen printed a length of fabric and then turned it into this circle skirt! I really love wearing bright prints and wanted to make something unique. By layering different shapes the print was formed quite spontaneously, it's kinda fun that way as it meant I could play around with the outcome and watch it develop as I went along. Admittedly I'm not the best at sewing but since the things I usually make are just for me I'm ok with all of the imperfections, even when the lining is not hemmed straight and the zip is a little wonky. 

After university one of my many dreams is to start a business, and I'd really love to put my prints into my own fashion designs. I love what Abbey Rich does (designs and prints her own clothes- you can find her instagram here!) and she is definitely one of my biggest inspirations. Maybe one day that will be me but I'll probably get someone else to do the sewing as I am not toooo great. I have a DIY project planned to make cushions from the left over fabric but I think that will be put on hold for a while as I have to start reading books for my dissertation at some point.  I think the next clothing item will definitely be some kind of dress; if you know of any good tutorials then please let me know!

(I found it kinda difficult to publish this because I haven't uploaded any outfit posts since my last blog. It can be a little daunting sharing these things on the internet... but whatever! We only get one body and I'm trying to not hate it. Also I edited these photos with Photoshop Actions I bought from ABM which was a good decision. I'm so stingy when it comes to spending money yet if it's editing software/Photoshop related I won't even hesitate. It's clear where my priorities lie.)