Friday, 29 August 2014

The creative update tag

(A repost- I decided to bring this back because I really did enjoy writing it.)
A little written insight in to my creative side- tagged by Naomi and Lauren, thankyou guys! This was fun to think about and the last question was my favourite and made me feel all nostalgic.

What am I working on?
Well as I'm starting my first year at uni this year we were given a summer project to help us get back in to 'creating'. The brief is to make a postcard featuring a landmark or narrative based on where we live. I've actually finished it and will be sharing it soon!

How does my work differ from others of it's genre?
My style is quite messy... I think. I don't do anything neat but that will probably alter as I go on.

How does my creative process work?
For my own personal illustrations most of the time I just flick through magazines for things to draw or I find objects in my room. I like to draw fast and that's probably something I need to work on and a lot of the time my work isn't finished until I've cleaned it up in Photoshop. For set projects I get right into it straight away with research, ideas, development. It's usually on my mind every single day and I'm always thinking about it or things I could collect/buy for it.

Why do I create?
Because I love it! It makes me happy and I like seeing my own ideas come to life. It's something I've pretty much done my whole life and I forget to count it as a hobby sometimes because it just comes so naturally. When I was younger I loved writing stories and this is a little embarrassing but walking home from school I would sort of 'tell' the story in my head whilst visualizing the scenes and pretending to be the characters. Me and my sister Laura were forever drawing and making things; we put together magazines, designed layouts for our webpages on neopets/stardoll/piczo, created video games out of paper (don't ask) and wrote lots of stories and plays. It's never stopped and I always seem to be making, drawing or writing something, the rest of the time is spent thinking about what I can create next.

I've updated my art blog recently so please take a look, and I also ordered a few fabric swatches of my own prints which you can read about here. I really don't know who to tag because the people I would tag have already been chosen so I tag anyone who reads this! OK GO


  1. I have to say I really can't remember if I read this before you redid your blog! I love the illustration in the photograph too, it's really awesome. Also what pens are in the photo, they look very fine?
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

    1. Thankyou!! Just fineliners, it's a 0.1 I used for this :) xxx

  2. Waaauw this is so lovely and inspireing!


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