Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Walking around Leeds

One of our first tasks at uni was to follow a certain route we'd be given in groups and draw, write down and collect what we saw, found, heard and taken from certain things. This included visits to the museum and art galleries which I loved (not for swishy art student reasons I just really like drawing in them places because it's so quiet and nobody thinks you're weird,) and finding out that Leeds is actually a pretty cool city with nice places if you look hard enough. 

I'm at uni!!!

Hello!!! I'm finally here!!! After all those dragging days I'm actually in my own little flat which is so far away from anything but at least I have good flatmates. It's weird coming from a little town in the countryside to a very noisy city where sirens and car horns are going off every two minutes however it's growing on me and who needs sleep anyway? Already had my second day at uni and that is going fab too (I'm trying not to feel overly happy about everything in case I jinx it all,) so as I am settled in now I thought it'd be a good time to open up the blog again and post more stuff. I do kind of miss it. 

Friday, 12 September 2014

Tokyo fashion

I LOVE going through the Tokyo fashion Instagram and finding people to draw, they have such cool hairstyles and clothes! I used fineliners and promarkers for these ones. Deep talk now:

I've been really hard on myself these past few days regarding my work and I don't know why because I KNOW I'm still learning and I know I'm still trying to find my own style. Being surrounded by artists on Instagram and Tumblr is inspiring but sometimes I find myself comparing my own work  to theirs which is bs and I really need to stop doing that because it's unhealthy and it's ruining ME. Okay talk over. It's my last day of work tomorrow and only a week till I move in yipeeeeee!!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Claire Curneen and Kevin Coates at The Harley Gallery

The disturbing figures are Claire's work, and the beautiful brooches are by Kevin Coates. I visit the Harley Gallery a lot and of what I've seen exhibited there in the past I usually find hard to like, as sometimes the work can be to 'out there' or too restricted. Today was not disappointing and I really enjoyed Claire Curneen's ceramics, they are SO stunning. I love the way the figures are positioned, and how different colours and patterns or 'objects' invade the bodies. Kevin Coates' jewellery were very intricately detailed and the way they were exhibited felt like they had come straight out of a fairy tale. I'm actually pretty sad that I didn't take my canon with me, but these iPhone pics will have to do!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Sometimes I want to draw but I don't know what so it ends up being random shapes which I put into Photoshop and mess around with for a while. It kind of reminds me of a Venus flytrap but I am half asleep so it could be anything right now. 

Monday, 8 September 2014


I use pink a lot, it's just such a pretty colour. Looked around my room for pink things and this is what I found, I actually don't have that much. Funny little observational drawings I guess! Trying to keep myself busy as these days drag on by. 

Friday, 5 September 2014

Pink Skirt...

Ok it's orange. I tried out my new gouache paints and I love them!
My favourite thing to draw is fashion and people because they're interesting and not always the same. Today my sister left for uni and to keep myself occupied I went in to town for no particular reason, dyed my hair, used a face mask and bought a backpack. At least work will keep me busy tomorrow...

Monday, 1 September 2014

Plant heads

Happy plant heads!! This drawing has Spring/Summer vibes but I guess I'm holding onto the last little bit of Summer. I actually can't wait for Autumn to come around but I'm crossing my fingers we don't have any snow because that's when the world stops and even I won't want to leave my flat if it means suffering through SNOW. Atleast this year I won't have to worry about having a job and I'll be able to walk to college. If you're back at school already then I hope that the year is good to you!

Sketchbook round-up

So at the beginning of summer break I told myself to fill a sketchbook and now Summer is basically over this is some of what I did. A mix of ink, watercolour, pen and masking tape. My break isn't even over yet and I have two weeks left but I really wish it was. My sister is moving to Edinburgh on Friday and even though I'm sad to see her go I am sooo jealous. September PLEASE BE GOOD TO ME.

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