Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Claire Curneen and Kevin Coates at The Harley Gallery

The disturbing figures are Claire's work, and the beautiful brooches are by Kevin Coates. I visit the Harley Gallery a lot and of what I've seen exhibited there in the past I usually find hard to like, as sometimes the work can be to 'out there' or too restricted. Today was not disappointing and I really enjoyed Claire Curneen's ceramics, they are SO stunning. I love the way the figures are positioned, and how different colours and patterns or 'objects' invade the bodies. Kevin Coates' jewellery were very intricately detailed and the way they were exhibited felt like they had come straight out of a fairy tale. I'm actually pretty sad that I didn't take my canon with me, but these iPhone pics will have to do!

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  1. They are beautiful, especially the figures.


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