Tuesday, 30 September 2014

I'm at uni!!!

Hello!!! I'm finally here!!! After all those dragging days I'm actually in my own little flat which is so far away from anything but at least I have good flatmates. It's weird coming from a little town in the countryside to a very noisy city where sirens and car horns are going off every two minutes however it's growing on me and who needs sleep anyway? Already had my second day at uni and that is going fab too (I'm trying not to feel overly happy about everything in case I jinx it all,) so as I am settled in now I thought it'd be a good time to open up the blog again and post more stuff. I do kind of miss it. 


  1. Yay I thought you were just going to be updating on tumblr, so glad to see this post! :D
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

  2. Hope you're settling in smoothly, moving takes a pretty huge toll. Otherwise, super glad to hear how well things have been for you Amy x

  3. So glad you are doing so well at University! When I started at my school I felt the same way about not wanting to jinx my time there by how much I loved it. It's been a bit since I started and I am still so happy here, even through the tests and the studying. Well done for following your dreams and congrats on the wonderful days to come!

    Tightrope to the Sun

  4. I'm so happy to hear you've settled in nicely. I'm sure you'll be having the time of your life so enjoy every minute of it and I look forward to reading all about it here. It is weird- I live in a countryside-forest-ish area and whenever I go to the city, I just feel like a little tiny ant who gets lost and has no clue about anything (and yes, true about the sirens every 2 minutes). It's nice to have both worlds though. :) xxx


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