Thursday, 30 October 2014

Fifties project

I'm afraid it's been a while because my life is so busy all of sudden and I've had to put the personal blog on hold. I decided to work back into those prints I did before with a few marks and brush strokes, and the other images are design ideas I'm sort of working on right now. Also HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I wanted to have a really good costume this year but it went wrong and now I only have fake blood and contacts which is lame although there will still probably be pictures on my instagram. At the beginning of December I'm going on a trip to Amsterdam with uni so I'll finally have a reason to use my camera again! Blogging as a student is difficult when you can't afford to do anything. (I've learned that now.)


  1. These prints are just amazing, I love them. And yest, blogging as a student can be very difficult!

  2. I love seeing snippets of your prints pop up on my Instagram feed. Blog whatever you desire, I'd be happy to devour it heartily. :)
    Also, I have such an attachment to that song. The Fray is some sentimental stuff.

  3. Hahah I totally feel the pain of blogging as a student. I struggled so much through college and I think the only times I really posted a lot were when I went home. But I love seeing posts of your art so keep it up! And definitely following you on instagram now. My charming Instagram name is @poopsahl if you wanna follow back!



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