Sunday, 16 November 2014

Design for Digital

We've started our digital module at uni with the theme of  the 18th century. I decided to look into the Rococo style, and I admired the over top interiors and artists who enjoyed painting the 'every day life' (which gave me the idea to draw and focus on people.) I also love working on Photoshop- I self taught myself and I've used it for about 5 years now, which makes the workshops a drag to be in. I have my crit tomorrow and I can't help feel like I'm doing something wrong but I'm also stuck with what to do next.  The two above are designs I've put together in the last couple of days and I'm proud of them but I just need to see what my tutor thinks. I need some sort of criticism, or maybe just a hint that I'm going in the right direction. 


  1. Wow Amy! These drawings are just incredible! You are so talented! You really should be proud! :) xx

  2. I just LOVE your style of drawing. These are amazing.


  3. Personally, I love them. And I wish I had your photoshop skills, damn!

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  4. ahh, i'd been away for so long that i never even realized you'd had a fresh start with your blog! i need to get your posts to appear on my feed again:--) these are so good! xx

  5. Seriously, your art gets me every time. You have such a gift x


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