Sunday, 9 November 2014

Update, Temple Newsam Visit

  •  My iphone has become a savior for me because carrying around my huge camera requires too much effort. 
  • First project deadline is this Tuesday and I feel happy about it. 
  • I managed to mount five of my best design ideas and I'm not in a panic to finish anything which is great. 
  • Halloween was a blur but I loved the dressing up part. I want to dress up like a weird bloody dead chick every day. 
  • We went to Temple Newsam to see the Grayson Perry exhibition and both the tapestries and the house were perfect. (Also perfect for my next project on the 18th century.)
  • It's getting Christmasy in Leeds and that makes me very excited!!!
  • I just need a tv to watch christmas films...
  • (edit) ALSO I made a new online portfolio thing: Amy Hodkin


  1. Bless iPhones. They can be handy sometimes!

    These prints look pretty and your Halloween outfit looks very nice.

  2. That drawing and everything on your online portfolio look great! I love your drawing style.


  3. oooo your blog is so cute and quirky. I just stumbled across it and I'm so glad I did!

  4. You are so pretty Amy! You looked so nice on Halloween, well as nice as you can look on Halloween :P haha

    iphone cameras are actually pretty good, hey!?

    1. Waaa thanks so much Meg haha, it's suprisingly great how good they actually are, that's why I got an iphone in the first place! x

  5. I totally hear you about the camera being too heavy! iphone's are so much more convenient, but I have to force myself to take the time to use my dslr because i always appreciate it so much more later! :-)

    p.s. just found your blog, what a dream! love it!

    timothy + ariana

  6. Having an iPhone is so handy, I have to agree! Been seeing your prints on my Instagram too and it's great to see such smooth, consistent production.


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