Thursday, 27 November 2014

Inspiration: Alexander McQueen, Marie Antoinette...

What if I started blogging everyday? That would be ridiculous and probably impossible. Maybe when I start real life I can do that. I've been sat on Photoshop all day trying to create something 'nice' but it all looks bad and I keep trying to put things off but I can't really do that when I have lots of deadlines. I'm having a little art block I think. The other day I took everything down from my board in my little studio space just so I could start fresh because nothing was inspiring me.
Studio space right now
I actually did research into things I genuinely like (duh, which is what I should have being doing anyway) I think before I was trying to make my work fit something it didn't. I always overthink everything anyway.
Dolce & Gabbana A/W 2012  | Alexander McQueen S/S 2007
Damien Hirst X Alexander McQueen scarf collection, 2013
Nikki Strange (Website)
Marie Antoinette (2006)
So many pretty things. As said in before posts I'm looking more into Rococo so to me that's lots of pastels, detail and exaggeration. The flower dress by McQueen kills me because of the fullness and organic feel. (And it's beautiful.) I also watched Marie Antoinette (2006) for this project and I love the way Sofia Coppola made it her own thing and not some historically accurate representation because it's more of a personal story (I love the characters) rather than fact after fact. She actually got permission to film in the Palace of Versailles (x) which is really really amazing, I can't stop awing over it!

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