Friday, 28 November 2014

Film Swap Results

I had the film developed from the film swap Nora organised a while back in the summer (x), although they didn't seem to work at all which was a bit disappointing. I still got some lovely shots but I was excited to see the double exposure although I guess that's the thing with film- you don't really know what you're going to get. After seeing Nora's results (x) I immediately felt the urge to pick up my film camera and try it for myself again because they're so lovely. I'm a little bit annoyed for not bringing it with me to university, because now I'm actually going places and it would have been really handy to have. 
London with friends ~
(Possibly my favourite shot because of the colours and how the Tower Bridge is just centered in between them all. It makes me miss London a little bit.)
Journaling stuff calms me down zz
From when I went to Edinburgh last year
I'm getting the train to Edinburgh tonight to see my sister and the thing I'm most nervous about is the travelling. I just know how busy and stressful it will be and that's what's bothering me, especially since it'll be near enough a three hour journey. I should stop complaining to be honest and be more excited because I finally get to see my sis after a couple of months and it's going to be so Christmassy there and I can't wait to go ice skating and just see Edinburgh in all it's Christmas glory.
This will be my last post until I get back from Amsterdam next Thursday. Now I should probably do some actual work.

Cold War Kids – Hang Me Up to Dry


  1. these are really lovely, i wish i used my film cameras more! have fun in amsterdam! xx

  2. i luv the cold war kids and ur shot from Edinburgh!! have the time of ur life in Amsterdam!! <3

  3. Aaa have fun in Amsterdam I live very near there and it is an amazing city! Love these photographs :)

  4. loooove the photos and your journaling is so cool - also reminds me i need to start using film more xx


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