Friday, 5 December 2014

Christmas in Edinburgh and Amsterdam

Well that went by surprisingly fast. Now I'm back to worrying about uni work and thinking about what food I'm going to have to buy every night on my walk home. On the plus side I finish next Friday and go home on Saturday and that's when Christmas will really begin for me!
Edinburgh Christmas market
Journal page. Left is from the Stedelijk Museum, right is me in my room.
I should probably start with Edinburgh first which was amazing, especially since it was full of Christmas vibes and I got to see my sister for the first time in three months which made me really happy. We went ice skating at Princes Street Gardens and saw Scotch and Soda (a sort of grungy/gypsy inspired show of jazz music and acrobats) at the Spiegeltent which was really really good. To be honest, Edinburgh know how to do Christmas. There's so much going on it's hard not to get into the spirit and I'm quite disappointed that every city doesn't have the same enthusiasm. (Leeds just has a really shitty market.)
The Spiegeltent
Sketchbook. drawings from the Rijksmuseum
Then there's Amsterdam! Beautiful place but extremely cold. It's very artsy as well which was awesome, so many museums and cool shops to look around. Since we had museum cards we tried to visit as many places as possible which included the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk Museum, Van Gogh museum, The Rembrandt House Museum, The Anne Frank House and the Foam photography gallery. SO MUCH ART. My favourite was Stedlijk because right now they had an exhibition from Marlene Dumas, (I hadn't heard of her before this trip but now I love her work,) although Rijksmuseum and the Foam Gallery are great for my current project. I found the Van Gogh museum a little boring but that's due to personal taste, and same with The Rembrandt House. 
Journal. postcard from The Anne Frank House
The Anne Frank House definitely pulled on the heart strings and I did cry a little. Just standing in the secret annex where she told her story, and thinking about the Holocaust in general made me feel so sad, I can't believe something so cruel and evil ever happened. I picked up this postcard from the gift shop, it's a picture of her bedroom wall where she stuck pictures from magazines to make it more homely. That made me cry even more. I haven't read her diary but it's definitely on my list now, I feel like it's a must after visiting the house.
Canal in Amsterdam
I didn't actually visit the red light district but the idea of it never really interested me and I heard that it wasn't as good as the hype anyway. Living in Amsterdam must be great because everyone seems to ride bikes everywhere and there are so many cafes serving hot chocolate with huge pieces of apple pie and it all has a very relaxed atmosphere. I'd definitely go back but only in the summer when the weather's a little kinder. 

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  1. ahh, this makes me miss edinburgh! and it really is lovely during christmas:-) and i'd really love to visit amsterdam. these photos are so good! xx


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