Sunday, 14 December 2014

Feeling Christmassy

This drawing I did pretty much sums up how I'm feeling because it's only 11 days till Christmas!!!! Holy shit I hope I'm ready, I've spent so much money Christmas shopping and over thinking all the presents, a part of me thinks I've forgotten something important. 
Geoffrey Preston
Jo Taylor
Today I visited the Harley Gallery (x) and saw the work by sculptor Geoffrey Preston (x). He specialises in decorative plaster work which is curved and graceful, like the decorative styles of the 18th century (great for my project). They have been purposely made to fit that sort of style however which isn't as exciting, although in the little shop I found ceramist Jo Taylor (x) whose work (to me) almost looks likes she's taken these forms, broken them up and pieced them back together again to create something new- the sort of thing I'm looking for!
Dean Lucker (Woodlucker - Source)
Ann Wood (Woodlucker - Source)
Some beautiful pieces I found on Instagram this week by a team called 'Woodlucker' (x) Ann and Dean run this collaborative partnership together and they're stuff is SO lovely. Admittedly, the first thing which caught my eye were the mechanical pieces and you can see them move on their website or their Instagram, which is @woodlucker. I advise that you do because they are amazing pieces of work! The textiles pieces are just as gorgeous and still have the same story telling wonder behind them, which makes them such a fabulous pair and the best artists I've recently found on Instagram. Seriously, go check them out!!
Journal page
Only when I read back do I realise how short my posts are, but those are the best kind! I quite enjoy sharing arty things I've found, I feel like that's the direction this blog is taking, as well as posting my own stuff of course. I can't believe I've nearly reached 200 followers on Bloglovin which is craaaazy and something I definitely don't deserve which how little I update! I'm trying to keep this regular though so thankyou lots!


  1. That gallery looks amazing. I want to go there...


  2. i really like that first illustration of yours, so lovely! and the gallery seems really interesting as well! xx

    1. Thankyou! It's a lovely little place, always really interesting :) xx

  3. Your artwork always makes me so happy. I would serious buy one of your prints to frame on my wall. I see prints that are similar in like small pop up shops around the city but I never like them as much as yours. Can I do that? haha

    1. Aww thanks Meg! Haha that's nice to hear although I don't think I'm ready to sell anything yet, the thought of it scares me a bit! xx

  4. Thanks so much for including us, woodlucker, on this post. Just came across it. Your blog looks great! Ann @ woodlucker


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