Thursday, 18 December 2014

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Recent uni work
Flowers and birds
My uni work has been annoying me so much recently because it's not been going how I want it to, thankfully I created something pretty good today (refer to top image) after many failed attempts. Painting the flowers helped because it brought in so much more texture and I decided to use photographs instead of my drawings so I think it's getting better! I just need to do lots more experimenting. And I really need to switch up my choices in colour because I feel like I stick to the same colour scheme time and time again. This whole Photoshop module is becoming a bit of strain rather than an enjoyment and to be honest, part of me can't wait till it ends. The second piece isn't related to uni however it sort of goes very well with the 18th century turned modern theme. It's something I made for a competition although I haven't submitted it yet because I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing. I'm a bad loser; I cried because I didn't get the grade I wanted on Art Foundation and I take things very personally especially when it comes to my own work. I'M SENSITIVE OK. (and I need to work on that.) 
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I can always rely on my friend to give me music recommendations and this is the latest band I've grown fond of. They're really gloomy but it's rather nice to listen to especially when I've been sat on Photoshop for hours on end. Dreamy and weird. 6 days till Christmas.

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