Thursday, 29 January 2015

Pink and prints

journal drawing
Richard Mosse - The Enclave
Lino cuts from my workshop
Because I have two weeks off to do research I've messed up my sleeping pattern pretty bad and had workshops galore. The research part has been going alright I guess, I've chosen animals as my theme but the only ones I can find are in the museum, because sadly there isn't a zoo in Leeds and every other place which actually does have animals is closed/ignorant. My embossing workshop was truly the most boring thing I have ever endeavored and the monoprinting one was, well, drawing. I don't get monoprinting and I really wish someone would just tell me it's purpose already because it bums me out. 

I've not been great at lino printing in the past but that workshop actually went good and I think I got some pretty cool prints out of it! The last one is book binding and I am so excited for that because I love sketchbooks!!!!! Making my own would make journaling even more cute and personal. I could also make little zines maybe which is something I've wanted to do for a long time now. 

Oh yeah and I dyed my hair pink and the green is finally gone!! That's where the pink comes in. I love pink. 

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Snow, songs, movies, monoprints

An update through pictures. 

how to never stop being sad - dandelion hands
The Grand Budapest Hotel, 2014 (source)
The thing I will miss most of all about our student flat is the wonderful view. 
What I won't miss is having to walk up nine flights of stairs when the lift is out of order.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Valentino Pre-Fall 2015

(source 12)
(source 1 | 2)
(source 1 | 2)
(source 1 | 2)
I don't really want to write anything about this collection because I feel like it speaks for itself but here are my favourites. They're beauuutiful. The imagery, surfaces and textures are gorgeous. I want them all. I can't ever imagine wearing something so lovely. 

Monday, 19 January 2015

Draping: Putting my designs into context

No one really knows what my course is sometimes and I totally understand that. Even though the name couldn't make it any more obvious (Surface pattern. Printed textiles. = Pattern of a surface. Fabrics being printed) but I still try to not get mad when people look at me in confusion. Whatever! As long as I know what I'm doing with my life then I can move on from it.
I want to work in fashion and I have done since I was sixteen. When I told my tutor that I really wanted to make fashion prints she looked at what I was doing currently and then gave me a funny look... which I get but it really brought me down because that's what I wanna do! And what I'm doing didn't seem to fit anywhere, but this morning I decided to try it out (first image) and yeah they're not totally commercial but that's fine with me. They're kinda funky. At least I gave it a go right? This project will be over tomorrow morning and the next module is all paper based which I'm kind of scared about because I am not a fan of slow craft (mostly lino printing) at all. I do everything really rushed because that's how I work and this means I have to act the complete opposite. Aaaaaah although this might end up being like the whole screen printing fiasco and I ended up really loving that. Let's hope!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Another project complete aka why is time going so fast?

Testing out colour schemes 
My piece for the harley gallery (maybe if it gets chosen *throws up*)

  • My deadline is next Tuesday and I'm almost too relaxed about it. Should I be nervous? Should I be crying? ...Why am I blogging?
  • I entered the ASOS Talent competition over on Textile Federation and i'd be lying if I said I wasn't reaaaaaally nervous. My design being chosen would be a dream come true but then part of me realises that it probably won't get picked because it isn't very "fashion"
  • This weekend I'm going back home to enter my piece (last photo) into an open exhibition at my fave place, The Harley Gallery. Fingers are crossed. I feel like i'm going to be sick. But whatever. 
I don't really need to put so much pressure on myself right now, especially since i'm only in the first year, but I'm just trying to take my mind off of things and keep myself busy. When I talked to my tutor about some problems I was having she said 'are you going to stay on the course' and i was like uh HELL YES this is the only god damn thing which goes right in my life and to be honest i think it's the only thing I'm actually good at. Sometimes I think that time is going by so fast and it's hard to stop and appreciate everything so I like to just sit in my room and think for a while.

Uni is great but right now i'm feeling really homesick. I miss my mum. I miss baths. I miss the countryside. I miss watching 8 out of 10 cats on the tv in my cute little bedroom where it's so quiet and there isn't a siren to be heard every two minutes.

Bring on Fridaaaaaaaaaaay! (That makes me sound like an actual teenager whose excited for the weekend. I just get to go home on Friday.)

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Journaling: My new found love

So this is my art journal which I began in September last year and it's still ongoing. I even have another book ready for when I run out of space because I'm very suprised at how many pages I've already filled. I love recording my life, thoughts and feelings but when I start written diaries I get so bored and when I try and draw my heart is just not in it every single day. I'm a very messy, visual person so this is perfect for me! It never crossed my mind that a journal didn't have to be perfect until I came across Caitlin's FAQ which you can read here. (It's very inspiring!!!)

A lot of the pages I share on my Instagram are the visuals but I do write a lot of personal stuff in here as well so it's not something I would easily let people go through. This little book has become so special to me and since my course don't really care about sketchbooks being 'pretty' i now have a way of venting out my love for putting together pages! 

I thought I'd share maybe for some inspiration. It's a great way to let yourself be creative without the pressure of someone judging it. You don't really have anything to lose! 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Twenty fifteen: What happens now...

the view from my flat. (I miss *home* home already)
Happy new year! I'm six days late but it's better that I acknowledge it rather than carry on like normal, right? Due to personal reasons blogging hasn't been number one in my mind but it does make me really happy so I need to start again purely for that reason. I think it can be overwhelming having to read so many blogs and keep up with the twitter chats but I'm actually going to try and join in on the chats whilst keeping up to date with my favourites on bloglovin. As you can see I went and bought a swanky new design to go with my fresh start because truthfully I was fed up of faffing around with it myself and wanted something more professional looking- it is a premade design and you can see loooads more at Labina Studio.

One of my new years resolutions is to post at least one day a week and I will force myself to stick with it along with the staying healthy (this basically means no chocolate) and not stressing out at every little thing. What are your new years resolutions? Did you stick to your resolutions in 2014?

Thanks for reading- I hope you have a great new year!

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