Monday, 19 January 2015

Draping: Putting my designs into context

No one really knows what my course is sometimes and I totally understand that. Even though the name couldn't make it any more obvious (Surface pattern. Printed textiles. = Pattern of a surface. Fabrics being printed) but I still try to not get mad when people look at me in confusion. Whatever! As long as I know what I'm doing with my life then I can move on from it.
I want to work in fashion and I have done since I was sixteen. When I told my tutor that I really wanted to make fashion prints she looked at what I was doing currently and then gave me a funny look... which I get but it really brought me down because that's what I wanna do! And what I'm doing didn't seem to fit anywhere, but this morning I decided to try it out (first image) and yeah they're not totally commercial but that's fine with me. They're kinda funky. At least I gave it a go right? This project will be over tomorrow morning and the next module is all paper based which I'm kind of scared about because I am not a fan of slow craft (mostly lino printing) at all. I do everything really rushed because that's how I work and this means I have to act the complete opposite. Aaaaaah although this might end up being like the whole screen printing fiasco and I ended up really loving that. Let's hope!


  1. I think they look amazing! I really need to do some more pattern creating.. it's so fun!

  2. These are gorgeous! I think the pattern works so well on fabric x

  3. WOW your pattern's are really cool!

  4. I think your patterns are totally applicable to fashion!!!!!!! they could be anything from skirts to shirts! Asos would sell stuff like this...and Boden has the odd piece or two as well... I would wear it anyways... and i soooo wish my work was as amazing as yours :( mine is an example of something that doesn't fit. Oh and nobody ever knows what my course is either... (illustration and visual communication) i'm always like...errrrrrrrrr.....

  5. That's so bad of your tutor! People are so thoughtless sometimes and don't realise that the tiniest mannerism can discourage a student or young person.
    I wouldn't worry, I think these look awesome! And the thing about fashion is that it is different to everyone, I could definitely see these on the runway or in a boutique.

  6. I experienced something very similar. It wasn't directly from me, but got me really annoyed. When I was in year 9 and I was picking my GCSE subjects. I (and 20 other students) got specifically chosen to do computer science. On of the other girls there had a dilemma whether to pick computer science or drama and when she told the teachers that she wasn't to be an actress, one of them looked her up and down had smirked.

    It was one of the rudest things I have ever experience. Teachers (tutors in your case)are meant to support a student no matter what. And that moment just gave me such a heads up and I just wanted to scream that in 10 years time we will achieve more than that teacher ever did.

    I'm sorry haha rambled on for a bit. I'm on your blog for the first time but I will probably visit more often now, because it's so lovely.

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