Thursday, 29 January 2015

Pink and prints

journal drawing
Richard Mosse - The Enclave
Lino cuts from my workshop
Because I have two weeks off to do research I've messed up my sleeping pattern pretty bad and had workshops galore. The research part has been going alright I guess, I've chosen animals as my theme but the only ones I can find are in the museum, because sadly there isn't a zoo in Leeds and every other place which actually does have animals is closed/ignorant. My embossing workshop was truly the most boring thing I have ever endeavored and the monoprinting one was, well, drawing. I don't get monoprinting and I really wish someone would just tell me it's purpose already because it bums me out. 

I've not been great at lino printing in the past but that workshop actually went good and I think I got some pretty cool prints out of it! The last one is book binding and I am so excited for that because I love sketchbooks!!!!! Making my own would make journaling even more cute and personal. I could also make little zines maybe which is something I've wanted to do for a long time now. 

Oh yeah and I dyed my hair pink and the green is finally gone!! That's where the pink comes in. I love pink. 


  1. You look awesome with pink in your hair! :) (I however, will stick to green as I love the witchy vibe haha!)

    Such a lovely post. I love getting to see what you're upto etc, and I find this format really inspiring :) I think it would be amazing if you did some little zines!

    Hope you have a great weekend :)
    Jemma xx
    (P.S. I'll be posting your interview on Sunday!)

    1. Thanks Jemma!! it fades really quickly though which is annoying me. I didn't notice it much when it was green! I definitely want to give it a go, maybe in the summer when I'm not drowning in uni work.

      You too, and I'm so excited to see! :D

  2. I LOVE YOUR PINK HAIR. It's the most vibrant pink I have ever seen in someones hair and I love it. This pink inspo is awesome as well. And as always, your work is gorgeous.


  3. I love your blog! New subscriber. x

  4. pink hair - AMAZING!!!!! also love the lino prints x


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