Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Updates and inspiration: de Gournay, cute ceramics, uni work

de Gournay (source)
Eleonor Bostrom (source)
  • Trying to master screen printing more than two colours without giving myself a headache in the process (this is not the screen print just a quick put together of what I would like to screen print)
  • Looked into de Gournay for some project inspiration and everything they make is beyond beautiful
  • Fell in love with these ceramics they are SO CUTE and I want them all. Also makes me wish I could make ceramics (maybe in the future)
  • I've drawn so many animals today 
  • Butterflies from the zoo... eating... I had to include this one because the colours matched
  • I was featured in Dazzled mag last week (click) - They post daily with interesting articles on every day life, style, music and art
  • No pancakes on pancake day  
  • tired + minus energy means i am extremely happy that i get a lie in tomorrow 


  1. oh my, actually in love with de gournay now. why is everything so beautiful? also, i love that last photo and your animals are cute:-) i didn't have pancakes either, and it's so sad. xx

    1. I know right!! If i was rich I would decorate the whole of my house in it haha. Thanks Laura! Yeah, i think i need to make up for it and have some soon.... xx


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