Sunday, 1 March 2015

Hello March!

March consists of project deadlines, lots of birthdays (I will finally be twenty) and the start of three weeks off for Easter. Which is an unnecessarily long time in my opinion, especially for Easter, I get sick of going home after a week never mind for THREE. But this means I won't have to do my own washing or buy any food so I can't really complain. A few days ago Jenna from Scarlett and Giselle emailed me about answering some questions for a blog post and of course I said yes, her blog is beautiful and i feel very grateful to have been asked! You can read it here and see her lovely photography work here. Sometimes I wish I could meet everyone I've met through blogger but they all seem to live hours away or in completely different countries. *sighs and dreamz about this being possible* 

Amy xo


  1. Heehee I'm so glad we have a mutual art crush on each other. You are so lovely and one day I will live in London and we can hang out haha. Thank you again for the interview and letting me put your beautiful work on my blog.


    1. Yaaaaas! Although London will still be very far away from me (but i'd defo be willing to travel) And you're more than welcome!!!

  2. Exciting! I hope you have a good birthday! and good luck with getting everything done! :)


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