Friday, 20 March 2015

Jungle Vibes

Studio space. (Cute mug for tea is essential!)
Collaged idea
Photoshop development
The slow craft module is nearly over and my final screen printed piece was the wallpaper (here), but I couldn't really just stop so decided to collage some ideas I maybe would screen print if I had the time. They sort of match with the wallpaper I guess (but with a bit more detail) and I think they could make cool prints! The last image is something I pulled together in photoshop. I'm really loving the colours in this one… Can't imagine trying to screen print this as a repeat though. I would probably have a mental breakdown. 

It's mine and my sisters birthday tomorrow and she's coming all the way from Edinburgh to Leeds so we can spend it together! I'll finally be twenty and no longer a teenager, part of me doesn't want to think about it because I really don't feel like an adult but then I am excited because TWENTY. It's weird. Ahhhhhhh. 

Amy xo


  1. God so gorgeous! I want em. And happy birthday!!! 20 is a good time.


    1. Thank you Jenna!!! Yeah I hope so haha! xx

  2. these are amazing, i really like the colours and the lil' animals! and hope you had the loveliest birthday! xx

    1. Thank you :D It was great :) xx


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