Tuesday, 21 April 2015

First year textiles and fashion fifties collaboration

"The post-war period was a witness to groundbreaking changes in fashions, materials and process. The onset of a new youth culture was beginning to effect design philosophy, a greater level of freedom emerged as the 'teenager' was born. The changes were reflected in education as principles of Bauhaus, minimalism and modernity took effect." 

For our first project we were put in to groups to create a screen printed repeat inspired by the fifties which was then passed over to the Fashion course who made something out of it. The block shapes of colour were printed on using stencils and the black outlines were exposed onto a screen from cut outs placed onto a kodatrace. 

My groups' repeat for the fashion collaboration
This is just a little post for the exhibition which finally went up today and it was lovely to see how they turned out, the prints are all quite similar but I guess that's what you get from a first project forced in to groups kind of situation! I'm quite proud of us because they do look lovely but there's something great about seeing old work and thinking how much everyone has progressed in such a short period of time. My first year of university is nearly coming to an end which makes me excited for the second year but also a bit sad that it's going so fast, soon I'll be home for summer and I can't wait to be able to get my camera out and do some more lifestyle-y posts. 

Amy xo

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Screen printing, drawing and more drawing...

In the print room
Pretty flowers at the garden centre
More automatic drawing ~
Hey! I finally had the chance to turn one of my drawings into a screen print since the print room has thankfully been open over Easter break. I didn't need to do this but I really wanted to, I kind of like to prove that my ideas are going to work before I continue what I'm doing because then (in my head) it doesn't all feel like a waste of time.  I love these prints, the green and yellow go so well together. I know my blog posts have been repetitive recently with lots of abstract drawing but that's how it goes sometimes. I also haven't really had the time to focus on any personal work because life has been getting in the way; a journal update is definitely needed soon!

Amy xo

Friday, 3 April 2015

Happy Friday!

Things I've been up to this week via my iPhone camera roll. A lot of the time has been filled up with drawing and watching mind numbing tv but I can't really complain, it's just good to be home!

Amy xo

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

April: New drawings

Joan Miró (source) (source)
It feels like yesterday I was complaining about not being at university and now here I am nearly at the end of the first year. It's crazy how fast time goes by! So for the last module we get to write our own brief and I decided to choose the concept of surrealism. I'm not really sure whether I'm going down the screen printing route yet but I know that I would love to make a book because I didn't get to last time. I'm quite in to the whole automatic drawing (drawing from the subconscious) which was popular among surrealists. Here are my very abstract - inspired by Miró - drawings. I really really really love Miró right now.

Amy xo

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