Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Screen printing, drawing and more drawing...

In the print room
Pretty flowers at the garden centre
More automatic drawing ~
Hey! I finally had the chance to turn one of my drawings into a screen print since the print room has thankfully been open over Easter break. I didn't need to do this but I really wanted to, I kind of like to prove that my ideas are going to work before I continue what I'm doing because then (in my head) it doesn't all feel like a waste of time.  I love these prints, the green and yellow go so well together. I know my blog posts have been repetitive recently with lots of abstract drawing but that's how it goes sometimes. I also haven't really had the time to focus on any personal work because life has been getting in the way; a journal update is definitely needed soon!

Amy xo

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  1. These are fantastic!
    Bella x


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