Saturday, 23 May 2015

Going Going Gone: LCA Art Foundation Exhibition

Since it's just about the end of the year there are many exhibitions to see which is always good fun, especially when there is such a variety of work like with the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design course. Leeds College of Art recently exhibited their Foundation course and there is A LOT to be mesmerized by from fashion to fine art, graphics to illustration and jewellery making to product design. Here are my favourites; I tried to make sure I had all of the artists/designers names but a couple are missing so if you happen to know who they are feel free to fill me in!
Hannah Ackroyd
Nirvana Jalalvand

Isabel Cooper
Siobhan Spencer
Kate Powell
Margaret Andrews, Ella D'Aguilar
You can find more info at  LEEDS COLLEGE OF ART  if you happen to be in the area but I think I will also be taking a few pictures at the degree show which is exhibiting in June. I really can't wait to see what the standard of work is like and to get a better look at what the third years on my course have been getting up to.


  1. ooh a nice little peek! i think me and my coursemate are nipping down to leeds in june for a nosey around the exhibitions :)

    robyn x

    1. That's great, I think I could be there selling stuff maybe but I will keep a look out! :)

  2. All so nice! I really need to get along to some exhibitions myself...

    A Little Twist Of…

    1. It's really cool to see what everyone else is getting up to :)

  3. this seems like a cool exhibition, i think that mirror thing is my favourite:-) xx

    1. Yeah it definitely sends a good message anyway haha! xx

  4. Oh this all looks super, and I really like those prints in the last photo - such a pain that Leeds is so far away :/

  5. This looks so amazing! Wish I was a bit more southern so I could have a wee visit to this and other exhibitions!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!


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