Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Salts Mill, Saltaire

Jake and I recently took a trip to Saltaire which is a Victorian model village situated in West Yorshire just a fifteen minute train journey from Leeds. (A model village being a sepcifically built place to house workers which in this case is Salts Mill.) Salts Mill is now a really cool vibrant arts space combined with little shopping areas and cafes, but the place as a whole is sooo dreamy and beautiful especially on a really sunny day which thankfully it was!
David Hockney - The Arrival of Spring 
They have a great selection of arty supplies
So much Hockney that I am now officially a Hockney fan
They have a permanent David Hockney exhibition in the 1853 gallery along with a pretty good selection of artists books and art materials and 'The Arrival of Spring' (another Hockney exhibition) on the third floor. I did buy some new paper ready for some printing experiments but lets not share how much that was, as expected everything was a bit pricey including the food so we just went and had fish and chips instead. I really couldn't get enough of this place, it's like something from The Sims it just doesn't seem real. If you're interested in getting more info this is their website; I know my friends would love this place so I will have to return with them one day!

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