Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Fruits of Fauvism: Concept board + New project

Concept Board - Fruits of Fauvism (Images from Pinterest)

I'm now officially a second year at university and what better way to start than with a new project. It's up to me to pick my own concept and theme - concept = idea, theme = what I will draw; that's the simplest way to think of it I guess - so for the concept I chose Fauvism, which is an avant-garde movement in which the "works emphasized painterly qualities and strong colour over the representational or realistic values retained by Impressionism" (thanks Wiki) and for the theme I'm drawing fruit. I chose fruit because there's lots of colour to play around with and since mark making is also a huge part of my work I kinda feel like fruit has a lot to offer in that area what with all the different textures and such.

Inky fruit

So here are a few things I've recently started on, who knew that rolling around pieces of fruit in ink and stamping them onto paper would be so amusing? I think to really emphasize my concept I should definitely try some painting if I can find the time. Being bored over summer is not an option this year and I definitely made sure of that from the beginning; now I feel like I'm latching onto as many free days as I can find!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

#Meet the Artist

Monday, 22 June 2015

Going Going Gone: Printed Textiles & Surface Pattern

Jenna Coulthard and Sarah Gibson

Favourites from the Surface Pattern course at the Leeds College of Art Degree show. I think these two above really reflect how I like to work; abstract themes and expressive strokes. I love Jenna's use of different materials with those heavy squigly lines, the way Sarah has layered little marks over bold shapes and her vibrant colour palette which I would never even think of using. 

Thomas Collison
Lucy Beggs and Claire Sherston

Thomas' stuff is minimalist but the colour palette is gorgeous and I also adore the way he displayed these fabrics; they work so wonderfully together. There is a sort of a mismatch in colour with Lucy's prints but it goes well with the messy overlays... It almost looks like the tables you would find in the print room- covered in left over binder and fragments of screen printed imagery which missed the fabric. Claire's is just so energetic and wild and I especially loved the square piece in the center, it's very detailed especially around the border and I don't know why I didn't get a close up!!

It was all really great but these are just my favourites and I wish all of the graduates lots of luck in their futures. It really makes me excited to start creating new things when I can get back into the print room after summer!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Art Market was a success...

...aaaaand I actually sold a few things! Super happy! At first I had doubts about this whole Art Market idea, I really didn't think it would look as professional as it did and it actually took me by suprise with how great it all looked. (I know, how optimistic of me right?) I'm really thankful that the college decided to set this up and gave us a chance to sell work, I am more so appreciative of the experience of packaging and pricing things ready for sale. As a first year this stuff seemed kinda daunting to me but just seeing how everyone else presented and priced their work has given me loooots of ideas for the future. 

To the right (and bottom) is my lil selection of things

Waiting for new homes... heh

So that's that! I also finally managed to see the Going Going Gone final year exhibition and even though I'm somewhat disappointed with some of the degree show, the Printed Textiles & Surface Pattern area was TOP and I will be sharing some of my favourites soon hopefully! 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Journal pages

A few pages from my journal, collaged together with unwanted film, tickets and markers.  

I've finally left Leeds and arrived back home for summer and although I'll be commuting back there every weekend for my job I will still miss it loads! The best thing about coming back home (apart from seeing my friends and family of course,) is that I was able to move into my sisters old room which is huge compared to mine. There is so much more space I am sort of overwhelmed by it all and at first I didn't really feel very comfortable in it but that soon changed once I was able to tape up my fairy lights and stick pictures on the walls.

It's kinda nice how little things like photographs and lighting can make a big difference in terms of mood and comfort. 

Friday, 5 June 2015

The Art Market prep

It feels like I keep blabbering on about selling my work but it's only because it's taken over my life for the past couple of weeks. I've been so busy sewing my little plushies together, screen printing, packaging up prints, pricing and making labels and I still haven't finished yet!

I've never prepared anything for a stall before (or sold any of my work for that matter...) so it's a new fun thing for me. I really want to open up my own online store one day so instead of me going "i'll do it later" it has helped me get the ball rolling because now I actually have physical products instead of thoughts and ideas. This 'Art Market' is also a first for the uni which means it could go either way, nevertheless it will be great for some experience and it can't hurt to get involved. The worst thing I could do is not try at all!

The Art Market will be at the Blenheim Walk Leeds College of Art site from June 12th - June 18th alongside the final year show. More info can be found here and it would be great if you could come along, I'll have some prints and drawings for sale too. 

Monday, 1 June 2015

June: Selling work, new photo blog + other things

Hello! May seemed to drag on for a while but June has finally arrived which means we're nearly half way through the year. Scary. However I have some exciting news, I will be selling some of my work at the Leeds College of Art end of year show as part of The Art Market! Above is a selection of what I'll have there, I've been working on hand printed cushions, screen prints and a few original drawings. Wish me luck- if you're in the Leeds area have a pop in, the show takes place from June 12th to the 18th and you can find out more details here.
I've started a photo blog made up entirely of my film shots: I've always loved playing around with photography so this is just an extension of that little hobby and I guess there's something about film that makes the pictures more sentimental, as in they can't so easily be flicked through and erased like with an iPhone or DSLR. As much as I am thankful for my digital memories it's always nice to hold pictures in my hands and store them in a journal or photo album as a keepsake. This is just for fun, but follow me if you'd like! 
Mrs Atha's in Leeds - that's avocado on toast by the way!
Another thing: I have a job! Right now for summer it's about 14 hours over the weekend but I'm just happy I have another source of income for university. It will be really useful for next year especially if I want a placement somewhere however I'm a little concerned about my well being, what with going to uni 5 days a week and then having barely any free time... I think I can do this though, I'm determined to give it my all!

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