Monday, 22 June 2015

Going Going Gone: Printed Textiles & Surface Pattern

Jenna Coulthard and Sarah Gibson

Favourites from the Surface Pattern course at the Leeds College of Art Degree show. I think these two above really reflect how I like to work; abstract themes and expressive strokes. I love Jenna's use of different materials with those heavy squigly lines, the way Sarah has layered little marks over bold shapes and her vibrant colour palette which I would never even think of using. 

Thomas Collison
Lucy Beggs and Claire Sherston

Thomas' stuff is minimalist but the colour palette is gorgeous and I also adore the way he displayed these fabrics; they work so wonderfully together. There is a sort of a mismatch in colour with Lucy's prints but it goes well with the messy overlays... It almost looks like the tables you would find in the print room- covered in left over binder and fragments of screen printed imagery which missed the fabric. Claire's is just so energetic and wild and I especially loved the square piece in the center, it's very detailed especially around the border and I don't know why I didn't get a close up!!

It was all really great but these are just my favourites and I wish all of the graduates lots of luck in their futures. It really makes me excited to start creating new things when I can get back into the print room after summer!


  1. Thomas' stuff is simply stunning, and it is displayed very nicely. I used to love seeing what the third and second years did when I was at uni, and I still love going to degree shows.

    Erin | comadiary blog

    1. It's certainly very inspiring!!


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