Wednesday, 29 July 2015

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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Secret Garden Party...

The Saturday spectacle !! not such a secret anymore- but still so much fun!!! Every year they have a different theme and for 2015 it was Childish Things. The weather wasn't on our side for most of it but who cares when there are fireworks, paint parties, great music and lights falling from the sky!?

Shrine to Childhood by Sylvie Macmillan
Inside The Cave of Moonage by Ashley Littlejohn

I really really enjoyed dancing away to Caravan Palace and the other ska/swing bands they had there, and I think I've discovered my new favourite type of music. It was really fun tryna find all of the stages and hidden art installations around the site which included a shrine to childhood, giant plasters over trees and a mahoooosive swing. I love the mixture of art and music- you could draw and screen print but also get drunk and dance. There were sciencey talks in one tent and a pub quiz in the next. All in the same place. I guess trying to explain how fun it was is hard because you had to be there, but I know if I was ever going to plan a festival/humungous party it would be like this. 

Quite a photo heavy post so I added the read more for those who wish to see the rest! 

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

A few things

Terry Frost: Black and Orange, Sunblast | Drawing sculptures, kitchen things. 

Top images are from the Terry Frost exhibition at Leeds art gallery although I spent some time drawing a few of the sculptures on display at the Henry Moore Institute. The gallery space there is my favourite because it's so huge and airy and the ceilings are really high- the only downside is no pictures are allowed which is disappointing because the amount of natural light is perfect. I also spent stupid amounts of money on homeware, but I just couldn't resist these beautiful prints!

Sheffield - stolen from Jake (thank you even though I didn't ask)
Doodling with Jakes' cool ink brush pen. I need one in my life. 

This is just something small I wanted to post, I'll be away from the internet for a while as I'm off to The Secret Garden Party! I can't wait as this is the second festival I've ever been to  (the first one being Leeds) and this time I'm going with my sister so I'm hoping it will be a much better and more fun experience. We've already bought lots of face paint and glitter, I can't wait to dress up and have what feels like a mini break! 

I'll be back soon - most likely with lots of photos to share! 

Monday, 20 July 2015

Tenderfoot part II

From Jayne Dent's perfomance piece
The second post from Tenderfoot - I invigilated on the last day and managed to take some pictures of all the work which was featured. There were two video pieces by Jessica Heywood and Alex Noble that I can't really include (their concepts were more important than the aesthetics so a pretty picture wouldn't do them any justice) but wanted to make a note of them in this post anyway. 

Friday, 17 July 2015


Jungle paper at Tenderfoot
Hello hello! Tenderfoot happened (for the third year running - my first year taking part) and it was a huge success! I exhibited my wallpaper piece I painted and screen printed during my first year of university and received some lovely feedback which made me really happy and excited to start working on a larger scale again. The preview night was packed full of people and it was lovely to be able to have a drink and a chat with like minded folk. My friends also came for support which made it even better!

Huge thanks to Jess for putting together the zines!

The exhibition is at APG Works in Sheffield which is a really cool gallery space, it's the perfect size for all 10 of us and has a spacious courtyard area too which was handy when Jayne was performing her piece. (I also really liked the fairy lights.) I did get pictures of everything at the exhibition but the lighting wasn't the best so when I go back to invigilate I think I'll take more and see if they're any better.

My fliers 
It's open until the 20th July from 12-5 and closed on Sunday- There's only a few days left but if you're in the area then please have a little look because the work is fab! Here are the artists exhibiting: Belinda Ayres, Jayne Dent, Natasha Eves, Jessica Heywood, Steven Hithersay, Laura Jayne Hodkin, Alex Noble, Lena Peters, Johanna Wragg.

Monday, 13 July 2015

What's in my art box (tag)

So I have done a similar post like this before (My favourite drawing materials) but since I was recently tagged by Lauren over at Dorkfeatures I thought I would have a little fun and illustrate what I use because I loved her version so much. 

In case you're confused at what some of these are there's: graphite, a glue stick, masking tape, squared paper, ink, acrylic paint, Promarkers, fineliners, Posca pens aaaand paint brushes! I also decided to play around with colour and go out of my comfort zone a little. 

I know I should tag people but the majority of artists I would include have already been tagged and I just want to leave it free for everyone to do. If you get involved then I would love to see!

Friday, 10 July 2015

Recent works

The first image will be printed in a zine for the Tenderfoot exhibition- more about that on this post here.

I finally gave painting a go but it really isn't my strongest point because I have trouble mixing the right amount of paint. It seems like a dumb excuse but I mean I get the perfect colour and then never have enough to fill large areas so it all ends up being uneven and not as thick as I'd like it! I think painting up some papers and collaging them together would be better as I find that's an easier way to translate my initial ideas. Otherwise I should stick to crayons and pens. 

I do however love working with bright yellows and pinks; they are so summery! 

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Tenderfoot exhibition: 16th - 20th July

Group exhibition coming up at APG Works in Sheffield showcasing a variety of work.  All the details are on the poster (designed by yours truly) however if you can't make it many pictures will be taken. I'm very excited!

Monday, 6 July 2015


Summer so far has been wonderfully wonderful and I'm sorry if I'm being in such an annoying happy mood recently I just can't seem to shake off the good vibes. It's been very hot in England over the past couple of weeks so me and my friends visited Chatsworth and went sunbathing and swimming in the lake which was suuuper nice and refreshing. It's kinda strange (In England) being able to walk around in nothing but a bathing suit and not feel awkward or freezing. Now it's raining but I guess you can't have the really good without having the really bad!

I really love summer. I like having the time off to spend with my friends, being able to get up to arty things which aren't driven by uni deadlines and most of all soaking up the good weather when we have it. We've also been moving into our new house for second year, it's not perfect but I really love my room and when everything is sorted I think I'll do a room tour because I just know it's gunna be cayooooot! 

How is your summer going?

Saturday, 4 July 2015

5 tips on staying inspired as a creative

After my post on My Favourite Drawing Materials I decided to do something else which could be considered useful. Now I know I'm not the be all and end all in creative thinking but I do know how hard it can be to stay inspired especially as a design student, and these are my little tips I've picked up over the years from tutors, friends, and experiences. 


Creatively, blogging helps me keep up to speed with what I'm making as it lays it all out for me in an aesthetically pleasing way. Since it isn't getting assessed (I have another blog for uni) I have the control over everything. It keeps me inspired because I set myself the goal of updating once a week so I kind of have to produce something and keep an eye out for things I could post about. Surprisingly for something on the internet it actually makes me more productive because I actually have to get up and go outside to take pictures and stuff. 


This might sound obvious but it really is important when keeping yourself inspired. Many times I've gotten to a point where I am just so stuck with what to do next that researching for inspiration made me see what I wasn't seeing before. Following an artists Instagram and Tumblr gives me constant things to look at and awe over, just looking at other peoples works makes me realise all of the different things I could be trying out or could be drawing myself. (Also, don't put yourself in a box just because you might make certain things; being a textile student doesn't mean you can't be inspired by film or fine art or graphics. Broaden your boundaries- you can find inspiration in everything!)

From Fashionable Selby- As well as the internet books and magazines can be a great source of inspo too!


At some points I've felt kinda shitty over what I've created. For instance, when I submitted my entry for the Harley Gallery open exhibition and it didn't get accepted I started to think about things I could've submitted instead like a painting or something considered "more impressive" in technique- but what's the point? The work wouldn't have been my work it would've been something I made as a desperate attempt to get chosen. Stick to your guns and always make what you want to make; even if you are following a brief twist it around so it works in your favour. Just be you! 

Whether at home or in my studio space, putting inspiration on the walls is always a good start


Following on from that point and directing this to all the art and design students out there- don't let grades get to you because it's pointless and mind numbing and will definitely not help you creatively. Your portfolio and experience showing off what you can do is the thing which will help you get a job- not the fact that you left uni with a 2:2. (Note: David Shrigley talking in this article about his final degree show) Be happy with what you make! Don't go down the dull road of trying to please everyone else.


Play around! Don't be scared to start something new or try out a technique you never would've thought about doing before. Maybe start an art journal full of anything and everything; don't worry about making it perfect because nobody has to see it. Always be willing to try out new things every once in a while because you don't know how many more doors it could open. I thought I would absolutely loathe screen printing but after a little bit of time spent in the print room it turns out I really do love it!

Don't let the art blocks get into your head too much and if you are feeling down about your work just step back and take a breather. Like I said at the start, these are just my tips and if you disagree with any of them then that's definitely OK because you have to find what works for you. What are your tips on staying inspired?

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

July = Something

A new tattoo shared by me and my best buds (photo from Jake)

Cherish the important people in your life because they are not too easy to come across. 

Always surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you.

Keep the negativity out and stay passionate about what you believe in.

My first year of university has certainly been one massive eye opener and real life changer. I've gained so much confidence; if you compared seventeen year old me against present me you would not think it was the same person. I've learned that even if I've grown up it doesn't mean everyone else has, nor does it mean that they are on the same page as me. People have really different views on things and sometimes it's scary. I know what it feels like to be really alone but thankfully I know what it feels like to be full of love too. I am so independent and free, I can visit art galleries and shops and museums whenever I want because they're right on my doorstep. 

For the future: Try and get involved in as many exhibitions and competitions as possible because you will be thankful for it later on. DON'T FRET. Never stop creating. Smile a lot. Watch more films, take lots of pictures and look at toooooo much art. Experiment more with screen printing and don't worry about money- the weekend job isn't that much fun but it pays!

I feel so lucky with how my first year has gone. My flatmates are lovely and my course is perfect for me and when I come home I still have my best buds waiting for me. (I'm very happy.) This month brings a really cool exhibition I can't wait to be a part of and a festival I also can't wait to experience among many other little things going on in my life.

I'm so excited I could burst- have a lovely July every one!

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