Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Secret Garden Party...

The Saturday spectacle !!

...is not such a secret anymore- but still so much fun!!! Every year they have a different theme and for 2015 it was Childish Things. The weather wasn't on our side for most of it but who cares when there are fireworks, paint parties, great music and lights falling from the sky!?

Shrine to Childhood by Sylvie Macmillan
Inside The Cave of Moonage by Ashley Littlejohn

I really really enjoyed dancing away to Caravan Palace and the other ska/swing bands they had there, and I think I've discovered my new favourite type of music. It was really fun tryna find all of the stages and hidden art installations around the site which included a shrine to childhood, giant plasters over trees and a mahoooosive swing. I love the mixture of art and music- you could draw and screen print but also get drunk and dance. There were sciencey talks in one tent and a pub quiz in the next. All in the same place. I guess trying to explain how fun it was is hard because you had to be there, but I know if I was ever going to plan a festival/humungous party it would be like this. 

Quite a photo heavy post so I added the read more for those who wish to see the rest! 

** The Great Stage **
Laura and me :-)
Awesome sign by Thom Ling
Outside of the mirrored cave by Ashley Littlejohn 
The lake feat. the stage and swans

Thanks to the people who put this together every year. I never thought I would have so much fun whilst covered in mud, paint and glitter. 


  1. Wow, that looks AWESOME. I adore the shrine to childhood. That's such a unique creation. The stage looks awesome too. Looks like you had a great time!

    Peace & Love // Celestralite

    1. I know right?? Yeah it was awesome! Thanks for the comment. xx

  2. This looks amazing, Amy! I've never heard of anything like this before. It looks like so much fun!! And I love the way the photos turned out! By the way, you are your sister look so much alike- you are both so beautiful! xxx

    1. It was so exciting when we were there, thank you!! Aww that's so kind- we're actually identical twins so there ya go hahah. xx

  3. I love the Secret Garden Party and I love the fact that you took photos of a film camera, it makes the whole thing seen even more magical as an observer :)

    Erin | cd

    1. I even took three rolls of film to make sure I got some good ones- Im glad I was lucky! Thanks Erin. :) x

  4. I love these pictures! So etherial and fun.

    Erin | Being Erin


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