Monday, 20 July 2015

Tenderfoot part II

From Jayne Dent's perfomance piece
The second post from Tenderfoot - I invigilated on the last day and managed to take some pictures of all the work which was featured. There were two video pieces by Jessica Heywood and Alex Noble that I can't really include (their concepts were more important than the aesthetics so a pretty picture wouldn't do them any justice) but wanted to make a note of them in this post anyway. 

Belinda Ayres
Steven Hithersay
Steven Hithersay
Jessica Heywood
Laura Jayne Hodkin
Johanna Wragg
Natasha Eves
Lena Peters

Thank you so much for everyone who stopped by to take a look! 

Names are linked if they have a blog or website. 


  1. Steven Hithersay and Jessica Heywood look like they'd be right up my street. The whole thing look so beautiful and something I would have loved to have visited. Congratulations to you, and here's to more in the future! :)

    Erin | cd

  2. Wow I totally got fooled by Natasha Eve's piece.. I thought it was lace by a glance until I tilted my head.

    1. Yeah, it's actually a huge woven piece- it's very impressive!


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