Saturday, 29 August 2015

One year on...

My blog turned one today!

Last summer when I made The Creative Outlook I remember being so excited to start fresh ready for university. It was the best decision I ever made because the whole 'Lifestyle' tag was weighing me down and since that day I've had the most wonderful year of my life and happily recorded it on my little part of the internet.

I know it's not much but I've gone past worrying about this whole blogging ordeal. I feel like I'll never have enough time to really throw myself into it and the community but I have made some wonderfully creative friends which makes me really happy. (To be specific: Thankyou Victoria, Jenna, Erin, Lauren, Naomi, Robyn, Lauren and Jemma!! Your blogs make me happy and your support always makes me smile.)

Designing will always be number one in my life but blogging is definitely a close second.

I can't wait to carry on recording stuff  and thank you for sticking with me. Ya the best buncha internet pals I could ever ask for. 

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Blogger event: #Letsglow

Hosted at Belgrave in Leeds - I need to go here more often!

So recently I attended my first ever blogger event! I know, I know, I've gone up in the blogging world. At first I was eager to walk in to a room with like minded people but in all honesty it just felt flipping weird talking about blogs in real life. Does anyone else feel like this? There's just something about it which makes it odd for me. I'm not uncomfortable with my blog but I see it as a personal thing more than a business... It's just somewhere I share things. I don't know, I can't really put my finger on it.

I was actually pretty excited to meet other bloggers and find new blogs however the music was a little too loud, the room was really dark and everyone seemed to already know each other and stayed in groups. It was quite a small event so the number of invites was limited although I wish it had been a room full of creative arty bloggers because 1. I felt like the only one there who wasn't fashion and beauty (I was) and 2. I don't care too much for fashion or beauty.

Goody bag!!!
Ignoring the blogger side and focusing on the event - I actually had a super fun night playing glow in the dark bingo! Everything was extremely well organised, I met some lovely people and who could say no to free cake and pizza? Thank you Ladbrokes for the invite! It was a blast. I was going to give more of an explanation of what went on but I feel like they summed it up nicely in their post here.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Visit my shop!

Hello guys! If you didn't know I recently opened up my own online store at

I finally found the time to sit down and set it up and I'm so happy with how simple and stress free it was to use Bigcartel. It's easy to get around and it matches my website which made me extra excited to show you!

Right now there are only my cat cushions for sale on there but I know people were asking about them and if I make anything else I will definitely add it to my shop so keep your eyes peeled.

Payments can be made through PayPal and can be delivered to pretty much everywhere. Please don't miss out on grabbing one of these cuties- I won't be making any more with these drawings and you know their adorable angry faces will be a great addition to your bed/sofa/life in general! 

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

A shell, a flower, a rock.

I was really inspired by Robyn's seashell she posted the other day so I decided to get the ink out and play around a little. I bought a pack of pastel paper when I visited Salts Mill and I only just rediscovered it so it was nice to draw on something other than plain white. I also looove using white pens; of course, white on white doesn't go very well but white on green (or brown?) was perfect!

Now I really should get back to drawing fruit...

Thursday, 13 August 2015

I've been so busy recently because I've been preparing my new website! I was excited to have a space where I could professionally exhibit my work whilst maintaining my style so I decided to go with Squarespace which is so easy to use and looks great too.

Under 'portfolio' is a list of my projects, I don't have a shop on there yet but I'm definitely thinking about adding one in the future. I really wanted a website which showed off my talents- I love my blog but if you're not following every time I post something it's easy to miss things, and what's wrong with wanting a pretty portfolio?

You  can visit my new website at 

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Busy bee

Okay so this isn't about the calendar and the diary which I recently purchased from Waterstones but LOOK how adorable they are! They match! They have tiny little buntins flying across the page!! THERE ARE STICKERS!!! Although they are definitely made for children in secondary school because the stickers say things like "picture day" and "school trip" but I don't care I will still use the majority of them. 

I'm trying to be really organised when I get back to university so I want to action plan everything and keep up with my work and make sure I'm not panicking when it comes close to deadlines... I didn't do that during my first year to be fair but that's because being organised is key! (And I already learnt from my fashion course how stressful leaving everything to the last minute can be.) I do want to get more firsts though so I want to be extra extra on top of everything this year. 

Last weekend I had the most perfect break from everything and I felt so calm. I wasn't stressing out over social media, or my blog, or my artwork. I just had a chill weekend at work and spent the rest of my days with Jake. It's really nice to step back from things every once in a while and since I've come back I managed to start a new project with no stress which I can't wait to share with you. It's also my blogs birthday this month which you probably don't care about, but I feel like it's sort of an achievement that I haven't abandoned this little page yet!

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Paper fruit

After being *inspired* by Delaunay's work I decided to cut up some painted papers and collage some fruit! I focused on giving the areas of light different colours and sticking to shades which are not representational, y'know, for the whole fauvist thing. I actually edited these in Photoshop because the colours I painted were still not what I wanted but I always love messing around with the hue/saturation anyway. 

White pen added for that lil bit of extra mark making, of course!

Sonia Delaunay @ Tate Modern

Sketchbook notes and postcards I picked up from the Tate

Hello! On Monday I made a trip down to London to see the Sonia Delaunay exhibition at the Tate modern particularly for my uni project as her early work is a great example of how colour and brush strokes were used in Fauvism. I loved the first room full of her portraits introduced as the 'Early Years' but I wasn't so keen on the rest of it as her style became more cubist and abstract rather than impressionistic. As an artist I prefer the organic flow of things rather than geometric/grid like shapes. 

Bold and brass. I wasn't actually supposed to take pictures- oops!

Beautiful colour studies by Delaunay

I love the heavy brush marks and how the detail is built up with thick paint. She had a preoccupation with the expressive qualities of colour, with light and shadow depicted through different shapes of hues (a common characteristic of Fauvism). I found that soft pastel colours came up a lot through her portraits as well as red being a prominent shade. Her portraits were playful but had a sort of sadness about them; the black outline around some of the figures empathises a detachment from the background which could almost portray a detachment from emotion too. 

Even though the majority of her work isn't for me I really admire her skills and it was fascinating seeing her work evolve throughout her life. Her use of colour is phenomenal and she certainly was a woman of many talents! She managed to delve into a wide variety of the arts including graphics, costume design and textiles. 

I only hope to do the same one day, Delaunay. ONE DAY. 

Sunday, 2 August 2015


From anon to you

I posted so much in July it felt like the month was never going to end but I did have a lot going on and I really do think that this will be the best summer ever (for me anyway.)

I found this little envelope in between books at Waterstones and this lovely message was left inside. 

Me and Jake went on a cinema date to see Inside Out and it was great of course. When will Pixar release a bad movie? I did cry and I loooved Amy Poehler as Joy. 

I burned my arm from reaching over an only-just-boiled kettle. Yes I'm stupid. 

Happy August! 

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