Sunday, 2 August 2015


From anon to you

I posted so much in July it felt like the month was never going to end but I did have a lot going on and I really do think that this will be the best summer ever (for me anyway.)

I found this little envelope in between books at Waterstones and this lovely message was left inside. 

Me and Jake went on a cinema date to see Inside Out and it was great of course. When will Pixar release a bad movie? I did cry and I loooved Amy Poehler as Joy. 

I burned my arm from reaching over an only-just-boiled kettle. Yes I'm stupid. 

Happy August! 


  1. Aw, that message is super sweet. I'd love to find something like that! Also, so glad to hear your summer is going so well! :)

    And ouch! I hope your arm hasn't taken so long to heal.


  2. What a gorgeous treasure to randomly find. This reminds me of Operation Beautiful which is a project I love.

    Erin | Being Erin


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