Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Blogger event: #Letsglow

Hosted at Belgrave in Leeds - I need to go here more often!

So recently I attended my first ever blogger event! I know, I know, I've gone up in the blogging world. At first I was eager to walk in to a room with like minded people but in all honesty it just felt flipping weird talking about blogs in real life. Does anyone else feel like this? There's just something about it which makes it odd for me. I'm not uncomfortable with my blog but I see it as a personal thing more than a business... It's just somewhere I share things. I don't know, I can't really put my finger on it.

I was actually pretty excited to meet other bloggers and find new blogs however the music was a little too loud, the room was really dark and everyone seemed to already know each other and stayed in groups. It was quite a small event so the number of invites was limited although I wish it had been a room full of creative arty bloggers because 1. I felt like the only one there who wasn't fashion and beauty (I was) and 2. I don't care too much for fashion or beauty.

Goody bag!!!
Ignoring the blogger side and focusing on the event - I actually had a super fun night playing glow in the dark bingo! Everything was extremely well organised, I met some lovely people and who could say no to free cake and pizza? Thank you Ladbrokes for the invite! It was a blast. I was going to give more of an explanation of what went on but I feel like they summed it up nicely in their post here.

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