Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Busy bee

Okay so this isn't about the calendar and the diary which I recently purchased from Waterstones but LOOK how adorable they are! They match! They have tiny little buntins flying across the page!! THERE ARE STICKERS!!! Although they are definitely made for children in secondary school because the stickers say things like "picture day" and "school trip" but I don't care I will still use the majority of them. 

I'm trying to be really organised when I get back to university so I want to action plan everything and keep up with my work and make sure I'm not panicking when it comes close to deadlines... I didn't do that during my first year to be fair but that's because being organised is key! (And I already learnt from my fashion course how stressful leaving everything to the last minute can be.) I do want to get more firsts though so I want to be extra extra on top of everything this year. 

Last weekend I had the most perfect break from everything and I felt so calm. I wasn't stressing out over social media, or my blog, or my artwork. I just had a chill weekend at work and spent the rest of my days with Jake. It's really nice to step back from things every once in a while and since I've come back I managed to start a new project with no stress which I can't wait to share with you. It's also my blogs birthday this month which you probably don't care about, but I feel like it's sort of an achievement that I haven't abandoned this little page yet!


  1. Oh Amy! Those are so lovely and they fit your colorful soul so well :) Absolutely in love with your blog's look, I must say.

  2. Gah! Look how beautiful they are!

    I just want to own all of the stationery.

  3. Happy Birthday to your blog. I was never organised at university, and spent most of my time trying to work out what day it was and what, if any work I should have done. One of my tutors used to email me the day before lectures to remind me.
    I'm super glad you found the space to relax and not worry about art, social media and all that crap. Sometimes just getting away from it is the best thing in the world.

    Erin | cd


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