Wednesday, 16 September 2015

I made a bag

Handmade by yours truly

So the other night my house was burgled. I won't go into too much detail but it's pretty obvious what was stolen and how everyone feels about it. Thankfully everyone is safe so that's the most important thing! Amidst all the sorting stuff out and trying to make everything better I decided to turn to my creative side and make a bag with the metres of calico I have lying around and the binder I have left over from uni. 

I painted the stripes on first (they follow round the back too!) added on the eyes, painted up the straps and stitched on the sequins to add the little bits of shine. Sewing up the bag was easy, a little rough (though that was my own fault… I'm not very neat sometimes) but I think I'd like to make more and "perfect" my technique. What do you think? I'd also love to try screen printing some too rather than painting although I quite like the messy brushstrokes!

Quick drawing. I messed up his nose but he's still pretty cute!

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Ignoring the bad part of this post my summer has actually been great! I've accomplished loads and created so much. I've sold work at my first art market, saved money so I can go to London and Paris, accepted my first commissions, opened my online store and website, been invited to my first blogger event and had my first real exhibition which was a great success.

Yeah unfortunately my house was burgled. But sh*t happens, right?

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