Friday, 11 September 2015

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Colour studies

Hello! I've been pretty busy recently but then again I am always busy; that's good in my mind because at least I'm never bored. I've been creating lots of things ready for my return to uni and also for others too! Kasia and Victoria both recently commissioned me to help redesign their blog headers as well as a few other things:

Illustrated blog header for Victoria

I helped Kasia with the coding as well as designed a header, social media icons, background & handwritten bio

If you ever wanted something illustrated for your website email me at with your ideas! My blog and portfolio are full of examples of my work so if you like my style then please feel free to get in touch. I understand that for some people blogging isn't their whole life so I keep my prices fair. (It also depends on what it is you're wanting of course!)

Megan recently featured me over on her blog in a very lovely post called Colour Collective: August and you can read it here! She also creates lovely artwork too and you can see that over on her Facebook and Website.

Thanks to Natasha I managed to grab myself an invite to the London Graphics Centre blogger event this September... so after much persuasion and plucking up the courage to go I booked my coach tickets and a little room in Covent Garden; I'll be heading there at the end of the month along with Jodie from A Textile Perspective. (Also my IRL friend and someone I met through uni!) I can't wait because I'll get to meet so many creative people I've been following through blogs/social media and we'll be able to chat about creative things. I know it'll be a lot more relevant than my first event anyway. 

The prettiest fruit ever (dragonfruit) and a few kiwi drawings

What else is there? I still have my shop open; I won't be adding anything new to my store anytime soon as it's not my main priority what with uni coming first, but those little plushies are still there if anyone is interested. On top of my London trip I decided to say yes to the uni trip to Paris which will be some time in February- a bit far away from now but of course I'll blog about it!

That's about it from me! Thank you for all of the lovely comments left on my blog recently, it's very much appreciated and I always look through all of your wonderful blogs too. 

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