Thursday, 8 October 2015

A photo every hour: Monday

I've actually seen this kind of post a lot around the blogosphere but it wasn't until I was catching up on Hannah's blog when I thought about doing it myself- it sounded like a little bit of fun and brightened up my Monday!

11:00am It was the week of colour so I removed everything from my board and started fresh, adding colour studies from my summer project and a few pages of artist research to light up my space : )

12:00pm Pineapple close-up! A mix of paint, Posca and pastel. 

1:00pm I went home for lunch and had mini hot dogs with Jake... excuse our really student-y (grubby) hobs.

2:00pm Back in the studio painting and experimenting, I love to use lots of mark making to fill different areas and shapes.

3:00pm I had a little tea break and admired all of the messy marks on my hands. I always test out my Posca pens like this!

4:00pm The studio is getting quieter as everyone leaves for the day. I decided to stay so I could catch up on the boring folder work- Here's our very lovely plant collection. 

(I forgot at 5pm!)

6:00pm Time to finally go home, this is our view from the studio. It's so lovely and airy; sometimes I don't ever want to leave!

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