Friday, 23 October 2015

Friendly Fridays

Coming in to university every day and being expected to create and innovate is tiring and lets face it, seeing everyone else's work all of the time can sometimes be a little overwhelming when you're stuck trying to find motivation. This Thursday we were welcomed by this sign and it provided a little bit of fun today as we left encouraging notes all over the studio. Criticism is good and it's vital as young designers but sometimes leaving good comments is just nice... I think we all need that every once in a while. 

I follow lots of creative bloggers and sometimes I don't join in enough or leave many comments but I really would if I had the time. (I don't like leaving rubbish comments for the sake of it either and I think that's where my problem escalates.) So for this "Friendly Friday" here are some of my favourite links from very inspiring blogs:

Wildernis - Amsterdam | Lemontierres
» A lovely store in Amsterdam

Why I Don't Hate Mondays | Oh Hay!
» What are your thoughts on Mondays?

Embroidery by Ania Margoszczyn | Dipped in Rococo
» Inspirational piece on embroidery

» Beautiful Lino prints from Eden Barrena

» Jodie's visit to Manchester

» More adorable illustrations by Robyn

Interview with myself, "Creative Journey Tag' | Naomi Kratz
» Creative Journey Tag

Christmas card pack, Set of 8 A6 | Annie Dornan-Smith
» Unique and wonderfully illustrated christmas cards

Art Dump | Celestralite
» Sketchbook goodness

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did and that you have the loveliest weekend! 

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