Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Made You Look: Creativity in the digital age

Work hard and be nice to people - Anthony Burrill

It's really ridiculous how much I worry about things. You could call it a mild general anxiety disorder but I think of it as one big fat wall in my life which pops up every now and again. I am happy, but sometimes I can make myself easily unhappy because I get so worked up over stuff especially when it comes to my work; I compare myself to others on how many likes I get, how many comments, how many followers I have etc, etc.

I went to see Made You Look the other day, a film by Look and Yes which talks about creativity in the digital age, and when the film had finished there was a great talk from the director and a few creatives from Leeds. After the Q&A I could not stop thinking about how much I try and please other people through no fault but my own. I need to make what I like, stop thinking about what everyone else is doing and give up churning things out to put on the internet for the sake of a few numbers. To be honest, we all need to stop measuring the worth of anything we create in retweets and likes - step away from the computer screen and admire the hand made processes; the drawings you make; the prints you screen print and that's where the enjoyment and happiness will come from. 

The film wasn't pro internet or analog because realistically we need a combination of both if we truly want to make a living from our creations - just don't let the fast pace ideals of the internet and digital equipment warp your mind and damage your skills. It's so overwhelming and scary at how much imagery and influence we take in from the hundreds of images we scroll through on Pinterest or Instagram, when we need to admire whats going on around us more and physically make things. 

I absolutely adore drawing and sewing and screen printing but I love Photoshop and blogging too.

I think it's getting the balance right which makes for a healthy creative lifestyle. 

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