Thursday, 1 October 2015

October news

Collage from Cornwall - see the rest on Dipped in Rococo

Hello October. It's now Autumn - woohoo!

I've started back at university so I'm extremely busy but obviously I'll be around, I'm hoping it'll be much easier to blog now that I have things to show you... thats if I'm not too overwhelmed with work! I'll still aim to post at least once a week and interact on Twitter in my bits of spare time. Because I have a job this year and no "day off" in the week I'm pretty much grasping onto any free time I can find!

First things first, Kasia from Dipped in Rococo kindly asked me to write a guest post for October (she's scheduled a few bloggers to fill the month) and how could I say no? I love her analog photography so wanted to share my own with a few collages I put together especially for her blog - You can see that post now by clicking here.

On the harbour in Mevagissey

I updated my photo diary: with some more film from Cornwall. Only a few but it's nice to have my collection online and I thought I would share the progress with you.

I added a selection of collages to my portfolio.

If you ever want to see more arty posts check out my collection of favourites on Bloglovin. I only save the ones I really like so it's great fun to look through.

My handmade cat cushions now have free shipping to the UK - the link for my store is here!

How have you been lately?

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