Saturday, 10 October 2015

Playing with colour

Collaging and mark making. My two favourite things : )

Hey! Here is something I've recently been working on in the studio. 

I love what I've been making and I really want to share it on my blog, I think it's the colour scheme which makes me happy. I've never really liked the colours I've painted before (I rely on Photoshop to fix everything) but these are really great- I used the sample paints from Wilkos and it's the best idea my new tutor has given me so far! It means I can create the colours I want without having to mix them together which really stresses me out.

It's also cool that I work around so many creative people because that's where the idea of using acetate came from. I love collaging anyway but being able to layer up marks so easily is really fun, I've been playing around with that a lot and I can't wait to buy more sheets and experiment even more. 

When you get past that awkward stage at the beginning of a project where you're too precious about everything it's a really great thing. I've finally reached the point of just doing things without over thinking and it's made me feel so inspired!

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