Sunday, 18 October 2015

Quitting work, dyeing fabrics + Print Fair news

Current board full of work : )

Hello! It was my last shift at work yesterday and I couldn't be happier. There are so many exciting (very time consuming) things happening with university at the moment and I only feel like it will get more full on which is why I decided to quit my job. I kinda want to fall in love with the weekends again and do what makes me happy, see my friends and work on some personal stuff. There aren't enough hours in the day. 

Photos from the dye workshop

Last week I had a dye workshop and even though that was a little long and painful I can't wait to try out the process for myself. I think it'll certainly add a lot to my experiments and I loooove working with colour, I've started to appreciate it more within my work and the heavy black lines are slowly fading out of my life - yipeeeee!

A little notice to end the post: Leeds print fair is happening once again at the Corn Exchange on Saturday 7th November and I'm actually selling there this year! No doubt I'll post about it again once it gets closer, I've printed more (cute) cushions and bags so keep your eyes peeled... ♦

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