Sunday, 29 November 2015

A Christmas themed post... in November

Meow! (Also available as a nifty little card through the Thortful app)

I know it's not even December yet, and I am a little sorry that I'm posting this now, but the countdown officially starts on Tuesday and I really love Christmas! I've had a very relaxed Sunday and decided to draw a little christmas cat to celebrate these soon to be festive times. 

I love it when all of the lights are up and it's acceptable to have lots of hot chocolate and listen to christmas songs (currently playing the indie christmas playlist on Spotify because that's how I roll.) I want to do a very chatty post about things I've gotten up to recently but it's so difficult when I don't really have anything to share except the mountain of uni work I'm working my way through. I finished a festive themed print which I can't show fully but here is a sneak preview. Now I'm working on something with flamingoes! 

Leeds Christmas market and pretty lights at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Festive print

I've had this week off from uni (sort of- we can't go into the studio when they're assessing our work) and I can't blooming wait to go back tomorrow. Whilst Im usually a pretty motivated person I've been incredibly lazy this week and I just want to get back into a studio environment and start designing new things!

Also, I made a facebook page which I'd love for you to like. Have a great week!

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