Sunday, 15 November 2015

Art Haul: Thought Bubble and Leeds Print Fair

Hey! I've bought a lot of lovely arty things recently. There was the print fair last weekend and Thought Bubble festival this weekend so I obviously couldn't not buy anything- especially at Thought Bubble which was overwhelmed with art! I thought it'd be nice to share everything here on my blog.

Above is a sweet little collection of things I bought from Amber Hsu; as well as beautiful A4/A3 prints she also produces tiny little prints and writes poetry too. I absolutely loved the small prints and the zine of one pound poems- I went back to her stall multiple times as I was in so much awe.

A mini zine by Seekan Hui

I picked up this really cute zine about having 'me time' by Seekan Hui - it has a cut out in the middle which allows it to stand freely so I was super happy I can display it on my bedside table. Sometimes I get put off buying books and zines because they end up shoved in a drawer or on a shelf and I kind of forget about them after a while. 

Screen printed card by Mister Charlesworth and print by Julia Ogden - it was lovely meeting them at the print fair

 Everything ♥

I've been a fan of Ellen Stubbings' (So Cute Company) work for a while now and I was happy when I found out she was going to be at Thought Bubble! I purchased the really cute Donkey print as this was my favourite page from Weird Cat. The funky dancing rabbit man is a digital print from Hollie Smith who is studying Illustration at LCA and the creepy one armed girl is a postcard gifted to me from Laura Jayne

There was a mixture of more "professional" artists and independent illustrators at Thought Bubble but I love supporting the smaller stands; these are usually my favourite because everything seems much more loved and handmade. Now I just need to find some wall space for all of these prints... 

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