Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Deadline and Jonny Hannah at YSP

Concept board and sampling presented for hand in

The life of a second year student has finally dawned on me and I am up to my knees in work. My first deadline was on Monday and the last few days running up to it were severely hectic through no fault but my own; I put a lot of pressure on myself but I'm happy with how it's gone and I love what I've created during the time I had. Today I've been researching for the next module and have spent so many hours just looking at print design. I feel like I deserved a little break for blogging!

Jonny Hannah at YSP
Main Street
Jonny Hannah at YSP

Last Saturday me and Jake visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and were joyfully greeted by the wonderful whimsical world of Jonny Hannah! It was my first time visiting YSP although we were running a bit late and didn't have as much time there as we wanted so it was a nice suprise to have this right at the start. The exhibition invited the viewer to "take a stroll down main street in Hannah's vintage-inspired homage to the independent trader." His works remind me of being at a carnival; vibrant and lovely with so much going on and many stories to discover. I adore the painterly attributes of his work and I'm sticking this in my "future projects" folder as a little reminder of the themes I want to delve into next. 

The Christmas market has been up in Leeds for a couple of weeks now and I love being surrounded by twinkling lights as I walk home from the shops. I'm currently working on a festive print for an external brief too which makes me even more excited. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 

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