Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Mini Exhib: Priceless and Worthless

(I can't believe it's actually Christmas next month. I can't believe how quickly my uni life is going. It feels like yesterday I was begging for time to go faster in a deep desperation to move to Leeds.)

Priceless and Worthless is a mini exhibition where the second and third years on my course take something 'worthless' and make it 'priceless' by altering it in an interesting way. It's pretty much an open brief and it doesn't get graded or anything- just a little bit of fun (amidst all the stress) and a chance to mingle, eat cake and drink tea. Another reason to love my course I suppose! For mine (above) I took an old coat I was going to throw away and appliqued, screen printed and painted onto it. I really like the contrast of the vibrant colours against the black... I feel like this coat is now very me!

Some of the pieces. I loved the toast shirt and the fruit holder thing.

Awesomely cute illustrations by Katherine Welsh and Lucy Sheldrake

Handmade notebooks made from a range of unwanted raw materials by Isabella Solito

Recycled chair made from pallets and magazines by Grace Roger. The prints are hers too!

Considering this was across two years there were so many amazingly cool things; these were just my favourites. I think the tutors are supposed to pick a "winner" but if I was them I would struggle a little as everything there was unique and beautiful in it's own way! 

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