Monday, 28 December 2015

Christmas goodies: Supporting small businesses

Kitty McCall, Naoshi and Laura Jayne

Hi! I would begin with the usual "I'm not trying to braaaag" speech but I don't think it really applies here. I want to share the things I was given this Christmas which were made by designers and illustrators; what's better than shopping independent for presents? Nothing! Everything is so cute and unique and clever. 

I should mention that I'm so grateful for all the gifts I recieved from my family and friends. Every year as I get older the presents get less important but the thought that goes behind them is so wonderful. I just want to squeeze all of the lovely wonderful beings in my life!

Notebook by Kitty McCall, sticker from Naoshi and the painting is by my sister. She knows how much I love those silly cat pictures and videos on the 'Cute Emergency' twitter (I retweet them often and yes it's probably annoying) so she made this especially for me! I really wish I had made more gifts this year for that personal touch. That's definitely something I want to plan for 2016!

Naoshi, Hello Harriet and Maria Ines
Alex Sickling

Badge is by Naoshi, Cat pin is from Hello Harriet and the OK pin is by Maria Ines. Enamel pins ended up being a really popular accessory from the summer onwards this year and I'm so thrilled I now have my own little collection. I think the cat is definitely my favourite, I love the rose gold detailing it has and the thin lines in the drawing. Look at its little faaaaace!

The pot is by one of my favourite illustrators, Alex Sickling. She's so cool; I love her ugly quirky style. After seeing her Punch and Judy ceramics at the Funland exhibition I found out she also went to LCA which made me fangirl a little bit. I definitely want to find a little plant for it or maybe even some flowers. 

I've linked the designers throughout the post so I hope you check them out because they all have so many more beautiful things to see. Goodbye for now 2015; I shall return to the blog in the new year!

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