Friday, 18 December 2015

York, art, hot chocolate and dogs

Inside Thors tipi | Me and Jake outside the Minster
Food at Zizzi's 

Hello! I broke the promise I had to myself about posting once a week and I know "noone cares" but I CARE and after blogging for a few years now I thought I had finally found my perfect schedule! It's all OK though because I've been so busy having the perfect build up to Christmas it's fair to say blogging hasn't been number one on my mind, or design work for that matter, but isn't that what the Christmas holidays are for? I think I definitely deserved a little break from designing too.

Me and Jake visited York yesterday to do our last minute Christmas shopping where we also managed to grab a hot chocolate with baileys in Thors tipi in the square. It was so warm and festive it really put me in the Christmas spirit! The hot choc was nice too- a little strong but Jake helped me finish it because I'm too much of a wuss. We visited Harrogate today and had lunch at Zizzi's which was lovely. I tried the teapigs chocolate and mint tea; it sounds like a bit of a weird combination but the chocolate wasn't too overpowering and it went well with all the bread I ate. (I've had too much pizza these past few days.)

Katrina Palmer | Kerry Jameson | Pauline Burbidge

In terms of art I have been really overwhelmed by it, but in a good way. Before I left Leeds for home I saw the new exhibition at the Henry Moore Institute, "The Necropolitan Line" by Katrina Palmer - an installation piece featuring a station platform running through the exhibition space. "Like all platforms, this is a site for departures, beginnings and endings that draw on stories of romantic goodbyes and abandonments, as well as expectation and anticipation." 

Jake and I also visited the Bowes museum and saw the quilting and textile pieces from Pauline Burbidge (it inspired me try out a few of her processes) and our trip to York also meant a visit to the newly refurbished art gallery which was filled with amazingly curated exhibitions (seriously really great and very well put together! I'm doing a separate post on one particular exhib I fell in love with) and the Centre of Ceramic Art where I found the weird and wonderful unique pieces by Kerry Jameson.

Scandinavian inspired design with initial sketches
Lovely Leo

Of course, the designing didn't completely stop and I endeavoured a few competitions we were informed about before we broke up for Christmas. Above is a Scandinavian inspired repeat design which I based around a few of the contemporary designers I found when reading up on the Stockholm Furniture Fair. It's interesting when you realise how much Scandinavian design and influence there is around us!

I wanted to end this post with this photo of me stroking Leo (Jake's dog) because he's a real sad faced cutie and I've had the most wonderful days spent with Jake and his family. I can't wait to go home tomorrow and see my mum, dad and sisters and see the house all Christmassy. There's only one week left but I'm feeling very prepared! I hope I haven't forgotten anything...

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