Friday, 8 January 2016

Cat and Birdy

A set of illustrations I created in December trying out new colour palettes

I've been screen printing a new collection ready to exhibit in Paris in February and even though it's really exciting to see my patterns come to life (rather than on a computer screen) I am so tired by the end of each day! Luckily the deadline is next Friday so by then I can relax and prepare myself for the next two weeks of external live briefs. (Yay for more opportunities, boo for not a lot of time off!)

One thing I'm trying to remember this year is that hard work doesn't have to mean stress. I can create loads of wonderful things without reaching a breaking point. Sometimes I put so much pressure on myself I end up in such a state by the end of it all!

Once my designs are done I will be able to post a little snippet of them on the blog. I've been sharing lots of stuff on Instagram already so if you haven't had a look then feel free to take a peek... 

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