Friday, 1 January 2016

Goodbye 2015 - Hello 16!

OK - I'll keep it short and sweet.

Last year was a really really really good one for me. I found love, my design style and myself. (Cheesy, I know.) It feels like for once in my life things are actually clicking into place!

I don't think I really have many goals for 2016, I mainly want to focus on university work (of course) and getting a few more internships for the summer. Winning a competition and selling a design would be really cool too but they're bigger dreams I hope can come true at least some day in my life if not next year. I don't want to worry too much about what to expect so I'm keeping a very open mind!

Jan '15 - Dec '15

I thought a little photo compilation of the things I got up to in the year would be a nice way to welcome the one to follow. 2015 is the year I made new friends, sold my first products, fell in love, took part in my first real exhibition, went to the Secret Garden Party, created lots of wonderful new things, had my first holiday to Cornwall, visited London for a bloggers meet up and discovered Leeds a whole lot more. Looking at my small list of resolutions from January it looks like I sort of accomplished them all... I wonder what the next one will bring?

I wish you a brilliant year and I hope it's full of lovely happy moments! : )

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