Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Unimagined Treasures @ York Art Gallery

Curated by artist Mark Hearld the exhibition is a dream; a collection of objects and artefacts transform the gallery space into a reflection of Hearld's vision of a Lumber room (with influence taken from The Lumber Room, a story by Saki.) Researching thoroughly into the artworks on display for the past two years Hearld has created a cabinet of wonder featuring textiles, paintings, ceramics, taxidermy and more alongside his own works made specifically for the exhibition. 

"Since I heard Saki's story I have always been intrigued by the idea of a locked room that contained treasures so wonderful they are beyond what your mind can imagine. In this exhibition I wanted to create the sense of excitement and wonder that you get when you discover the key to the room and see the "forbidden" objects for the first time." - Mark Hearld

I visited the exhibition at the end of last year and I think it's not one to miss if (like me) you're a little bit in love with whimsical worlds and unusual trinkets. 

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