Sunday, 28 February 2016

A photo every hour: Tuesday

What I got up to on a Tuesday...

11:00am In the studio painting away a new "Nordic inspired" landscape. Wilkos tester pots are a life saver when you just don't have the patience to mix colours!

12:00pm Finished! My dreamy setting is all complete. Now I just have to bring in my characters 

1:00pm Home for lunch and back again with this one

2:00pm Photocopying these cuties to play around with and maybe bring into my painting 

3:00pm Article researching for one of my set tasks, this is one I found on Milk magazine about the importance of imagination in children

4:00pm At this point of the day I was scrolling through social media as a little break. Because that's boring to photograph I thought I would show you this adorable washi tape I bought from France. It features Mikey the cat by Lisa Larson; too cute!

5:00pm Scribbling lots of nonsense in my journal

6:00pm Off home back to my little student house ☾

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Paris day three: Champs-Élysées, gallery visits

Matisse and his wonderful cut outs  ♡

Wednesday was our last full day in Paris so we tried to fit in as much as possible, starting with the Louvre! We didn't go inside but visited all of the expensive stores in Carrousel du Louvre and took selfies in front of it of course. Musée des Arts Décoratifs was next on our list where we found two amazingly well fitting exhibitions for surface pattern: "Faire le mur" which featured a collection of wallpaper ranging from different periods and techniques, and "Tissus Inspirés, Pierre Frey;" the "first major tribute presenting creations produced by Maison Pierre Frey since 1935." There was a lot of wonderful pattern to take in!

For me the highlight of the day was walking through Jardin des Tuileries in the beautiful sunshine and admiring the gardens and fountain areas. After that we wandered down Champs-Élysées and visited all of the big stores like Sephora and Disney (I did treat myself here) and even received a free sketchbook from print designer Elise Chalmin at Promod. Our last stop of the day was into Centre Pompidou as we only saw it from the outside before, I'm really glad we went here in the end as I love modern art. As well as getting loads of pictures for my essay I managed to see lots of Dada and pieces from the COBRA movement too which is something I'm hoping to bring into a future project someday!

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Monday, 22 February 2016

Paris day two: Concept stores, Musée d'Orsay

A rather lovely origami filled stationary store called Adeline Klam

On Tuesday we were drained from the amount of walking we did the day before so decided to get the metro everywhere which I find a lot easier to navigate than the London underground. Our first stop was the Musée d'Orsay where I was hoping to catch the Henri Rousseau exhibition. Unfortunately, that wasn't open until March (I don't know how I managed to get the dates wrong) but I did see a piece of his work alongside a lot of impressionism... I didn't particularly like this gallery all that much but it did have some beautiful architecture I could admire instead!

After the gallery we looked around an intriguing taxidermy shop located on Rue du Bac which I wish I could share with you but photography was prohibited - sorry! - and then we walked along Canal Saint-Martin which was sadly drained and in the process of being cleaned which was just our luck. This day consisted mostly of visiting lots of lovely shops and places they call 'concept stores' (a retail store that is selling a certain lifestyle or aesthetic rather than one type of object.) In the evening we made another visit to see the illuminated eiffel tower which was interrupted by a strange man following us all the way there... thankfully there was a group of us and we made it home safely but you can never be too careful!

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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Paris day one:Sacré-Cœur, antiques, Montmartre

Pretty carrousel near the Eiffel Tower

Hello! I am finally back from France with lots to share so I'll be blogging a separate post for each day. We arrived in Paris on Sunday night so the adventure began on the Monday with Montmartre. This meant a lovely long walk up to the Sacré-Cœur which gave us the most beautiful views of the city, followed by a venture to a wonderful flea market in Saint-Ouen and then crêpes in front of the Eiffel Tower of course! Our day ended with a quick trip to Centre Pompidou to admire the architecture and then dominoes pizza (we went for easy) back in our hostel. 

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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Update, The Wild Things and off to Paris!

Concept board for The Wild Things 

Studio space and WIP

My presentation went really well (many thanks for the tips and articles which were left- it seems that preparation is key!) so I thought I would share my new project ideas because I finally can. The worst part about some of these modules is not being allowed to post about what I'm doing when all I want to do is share! 

Drawings ~~

Even though the project began on Monday I've felt quite motivated with my new brief and have already gathered quite a collection of drawings. We were able to start fresh and choose our own direction so I titled mine The Wild Things with "curious children and unusual creatures frolicking in whimsical worlds" for girls casual wear. I'm quite liking the idea of creating a dreamy atmosphere with cute characters having their own little adventures! You can keep up with everything over on Instagram as I post more 'in the moment' shots on there whereas my blog becomes a round up of things with extra reading. 

Paris from 2013

Tomorrow I am off to Paris with uni! I am so so excited, the last time I went was in 2013 with my fashion course and I cannot wait to be back there with my wonderful friends eating all of the crepes and taking lots of photos. We're hoping to see lots of stuff and I figure our days will be packed with things to do, I finally get to visit my first trade fair which will be exciting! We'll be coming back next weekend and I'm sure I'll have lots to share; goodbye for now!

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Woodland textures

Photographs for my new project from the beautiful winter woods

Monday, 8 February 2016

Scandinavian design contest entry

Concept board

Final design

This is something I entered into the Hillarys "Design a Roller Blind" competition. By researching trends for 2016 they wanted a Scandinavian influenced roller blind design suitable for their target market. My major inspiration came from a variety of designers I found through the Stockholm Furniture Fair, I didn't win but I was pleased with my ideas so wanted to share it here!

Saturday, 6 February 2016

February begins

✿ I've actually stuck to my goals of getting fitter this year and joined a gym. It's not as scary as I expected and I actually enjoy it which is even better. 

✿ After getting my hair cut a week ago and having more off than I expected due to it being frazzled I have stopped using all heat on my hair in an effort to grow my hair long. Update: Now it's shiny and soft.

✿ Today I finally went and picked up my euros for Paris and I'll be going next week with lots of my textile friends. (Of course I'll post lots of pictures!)

✿ Research began for my next project but the thought of doing a presentation makes me kind of want to be sick. Public speaking is one of my biggest phobias and any tips are so welcome!

✿ I really can't wait for summer because I have so many exciting things planned.

✿ I'm terribly worried about life after I graduate... But I think every university student will say the same so for now that's all I will write. Who knows what the future will hold?

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